During this video interview, I was blown away by Nathanael’s understanding and application of StrengthsFinder in his life.  This is one video you don’t want to miss if you want to see how he created opportunities at work for himself through an understanding of his talents.  And it’s not just about knowledge, but how he applied it at work and at home.

Strengths Conversations is a series of video interviews with real people who have used the Clifton StrengthsFinder to make positive impact in their lives. In this series, nothing is pre-determined, and no one knows where the conversation will flow. But like all creative endeavors, that’s where the treasure is.

In this video, Nathanael shares
– How he has used StrengthsFinder to prevent himself from self-destructing
– One thing he does daily to help him improve continuously
– How he used StrengthsFinder at work to create more opportunities for himself at work
– How he used StrengthsFinder at home to have better relationships
– and much more!

* There is some noise due to wind in this video, but the content is well worth the time to watch it! I’ll make sure to address the noise issue in the subsequent video.

Additional Resources:

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About Alex Wong

Alex is a Strengths Enthusiast who is both a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a Certified Strategic Strengths Coach. His passion is in helping people grow into the best versions of themselves by appreciating and growing their innate talents. In his spare time, Alex is a hobbyist magician and a volunteer at his church Sunday school. Top 5 StrengthsFinder 2.0 Themes: Empathy, Individualisation, Developer, Strategic, Learner