StrengthsFinder Singapore Network

Building a Strengths Community

  • Talent Showcase Session - NLP & Strengths. Guest Speaking: Stuart Tan.
  • Talent Showcase Session - Qualities of a successful website. Guest Speaker: Marcus Eng

StrengthsFinder Singapore Network

Building a Strengths Community

The StrengthsFinder Singapore Network (SFSN) was founded in Feb 2014 by Alex Wong, one of Singapore’s 1st 50 Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.  Building on the strengths-movement that is happening around the world, this network aims to bring like-minded individuals together to encourage each other to build on their strengths and grow from potential to performance.

When Alex first encountered the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 in a bookstore in 2009, he was amazed by the accuracy of the report.  However, without much understanding of how to apply the knowledge effectively, the report was stowed away in his drawer for many years.  When he was certified by Gallup as a Strengths Coach in 2013 that he realised the immense potential hidden within the tool.  Determined to help others avoid the same situation of not knowing how to develop their talents, he created the SFSN to provide a safe environment for everyone to learn about their individual strengths without judgement.


What we do

Something for everyone

We typically have three two types of meet-up sessions – Basic Sessions, Advance Sessions, and Talent Showcase Sessions.

Basic Sessions – During these sessions we will provide an introduction to StrengthsFinder, the StrengthsFinder Singapore Network, and the Strengths-Based Development Approach.  The focus will be on exploration of the StrengthsFinder Themes so that we get a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of each Talent Theme.  Armed with this new understanding, we will gain greater self-awareness, and also awareness of how others are different from us.  This knowledge alone can transform your perspective in how you see yourself and other people, leading to better and more powerful relationships and performance.

Advance Session – As a follow-up to the Basic Sessions, the Advance sessions will skip the introductions so that we may be more focused on topics of interest. The topics discussed would be entirely dependant on the group and can range from personal challenges, to team building, to leadership and management.  The level of depth will be greater, and the level of transparency required would also be greater.  To qualify for the Advance session, you would need to have attended at least 3 meet-up sessions prior to signing up for the Advanced one.  This is to ensure that you already have the foundational knowledge and will be able to follow the conversations.

Talent Showcase Sessions – The Talent Showcase is special part of the StrengthsFinder Singapore Network (SFSN) efforts to encourage people to do what they do best everyday. Here we provide an opportunity for people to showcase their skills and talents by sharing it with the network, and for the rest of the network to benefit from this sharing.


Giving Back to Community

Serving Us, So Together We Can Serve Others

While we start with greater self-awareness, and greater ability to perform and build better relationships, the purpose of the network doesn’t stop with us.  No, that would be too self-serving and self-centred.  As we serve each other and build up this community, we will also extend our reach to others and serve them.  The causes we serve will be dependant on the passion of the members and can range from serving youths (in general, or youths-at-risk), families, or the underprivileged.

Serving others helps us to grow a greater sense of gratitude, and also to hone our own strengths in the process.   It’s not just about developing our strengths, it’s also about developing our character.


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