It didn’t seem that long ago when I was just setting the goals for objectives for this 2016, and because I know it, it is now coming to an end!  I can’t help but ask myself “Where did all the time go?!”  Here’s a nice way to wrap up the year.  One of my members from the StrengthsFinder Singapore Network shared it, and I thought it would be good to pass it on.

There are some questions to guide you as you review the year:

10 Gratitudes

I added this one to the list.  Let’s always begin with a heart of gratitude.  What are 10 things (list more if you can) that you are grateful for in 2016?   If you can’t find 10, give it some time and it will come.

10 Highlights

What are 10 highlights or accomplishments for the year?

10 Disappointments

What are 10 failures or missed opportunities for the year?

3 Game Changes

What expected events happened that shifted your priorities?

3 Things You Focused On

What did you put most of your time into for the year?

3 Things Your Forgot

What didn’t you get around doing for this year?


How does this inform your plans for 2017?
And here’s one more of my own, how can you engage more of your strengths in what you do for 2017?  What can action can you take proactively instead of waiting for the right conditions to happen?


About Alex Wong

Alex is a Strengths Enthusiast who is both a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a Certified Strategic Strengths Coach. His passion is in helping people grow into the best versions of themselves by appreciating and growing their innate talents. In his spare time, Alex is a hobbyist magician and a volunteer at his church Sunday school. Top 5 StrengthsFinder 2.0 Themes: Empathy, Individualisation, Developer, Strategic, Learner