It’s the end of the year, and often the time for reviewing and setting new goals.  As I stared at my vault of Lego bricks, I decided to take some time to do some Lego Serious Play.  Instead of the usual approach, why not let my hands do the thinking and construct some guiding principles for the new year?

So I took out my windows exploration kit – a specially designed packet of 48 bricks – and let my hands tinker with the bricks.  The idea was to build a tower that encapsulates some guiding principles for myself for 2018.  After 10 minutes of playing around with the bricks, my model emerged!


Here’s the explanation for my model.

The mini-figure represents me. The secure tower provides protection, and is a safe place for me to return to. The mini-figure is stepping out of the safe space, demonstrating a willingness to step out of my comfort-zone to enter unexplored territory.  The sloping profile of the building structure represents the willingness to start small and give myself time to grow.  The overhang at the side of the structure represents challenging times, when I will need to hang on and persevere.

At the top of the structure, the round transparent piece represents clarity of purpose. It reminds me to always be clear and transparent (both to myself and others) about my purpose, which should remain at the center of my goals. The two flags represent my goals. I had limited flags and space to build, which also reminded me to focus on a few goals at a time, because too many concurrent goals will probably derail me.

There’s an eye on each side of the structure, which represents keeping a lookout for other people and other opportunities.

Near the top is a single long piece that holds the structure together, which would otherwise be flimsy.  This reminds me to be connected and whole internally so that I can have a firm structure – which represents the safe space.

Two flowers flank the structure. The green flower represents growth, to always nurture myself and others so that we can grow together. The pink flower represents passion.  Both flowers prominently extend from the edge of the tower. I would like my passion and nurturing spirit to be visible to others as well.

At the back of the structure, there’s a ladder leading to the purpose.  It reminds me to continue moving towards my own purpose, and to help others build a path towards their own.

Not bad for just 10 minutes of constructing – that’s quite a number of metaphors in a small little model!

Here’s how I’m boiling it down for myself.

  1. Always refer back to my purpose in all the decisions I make, and ensure that I am congruent internally.
  2. Be willing to step out and be seen pursuing my passion of helping others grow and move towards their own goals and purposes.  Remember to create a space for baby steps and not expect immediate results.
  3. Focus on a maximum of 2-4 goals at any one time.  Do not hold too many concurrent goals.
  4. Take time out weekly to expand my sight and explore whom I can connect with – either to explore opportunities or to provide support.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started building the bricks, but my subconscious created tons of meaning in the process of constructing my model.  Perhaps you could also take some time to explore your own guiding principles for 2018 with a little serious play; after all, all you need is a set of lego bricks



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Alex is a Strengths Enthusiast who is both a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a Certified Strategic Strengths Coach. His passion is in helping people grow into the best versions of themselves by appreciating and growing their innate talents. In his spare time, Alex is a hobbyist magician and a volunteer at his church Sunday school. Top 5 StrengthsFinder 2.0 Themes: Empathy, Individualisation, Developer, Strategic, Learner

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