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Personal Coaching

“I was initially hoping not to write this recommendation so I could keep Alex to myself…because when he coaches you, he truly displays the highest standards of devotion to making sure you achieve results. His deep passion to help others unlock their potential is evident in him spearheading of the largest growing StrengthsFinder Community in Singapore today. I highly recommend Alex to anyone seeking to hone their strengths into the ultimate leverage in their professional and personal life.”
– Pang Sheng Wei, Founder, Pursue Your Passion

“Alex is a very dedicated coach. I have just completed 10 coaching sessions with him and had seen significant results in terms of my career. There are a few significant breakthroughs as well. I’m able to internalise the thoughts Alex put across to me during those sessions and apply what I have learn through the use of my strengths.”
– Kelvin Lew, Manager, Operations at Jurong Health Services

“Alex’s warm and friendly demeanour allowed me to connect well with him almost instantaneously. His passion in strengths coaching is evident in the way he meticulously prepares for and conducts the session. I am impressed by the way he goes the extra mile to ensure that the session is a fruitful one. I would highly recommend Alex as a Strengths coach.”
– Pang Xi Xian, NUS Undergrad

“Thank you for the personal coaching on Gallup Strengths Finder. I came with the expectations of working on my weaknesses. However, after running through the book with you, I came to realize that it’s far more efficient and effective to focus on my strengths. It is more fruitful to focus on what I am good at than to be someone that I am not. I am grateful that you have made me take concrete actions on working towards a personal goal at the end of the coaching. Through an in depth review of my strengths, I came to understand better on how my thoughts and actions affect the achievement of my goal. This is one of the deliverables from your coaching that I am truly grateful for.  I had an impactful coaching session with you and have benefited greatly from your guidance. I truly appreciate your patience and time taken to run through the Strengths Finder with me.”
Soo Teng Boon, Manager, Airfreight Import

“Over the three rounds of coaching and discussion with Alex, I have a better understanding of my strengths and am more aware of where my shortfalls lie. Rather than let my natural talents go untapped, I should make greater use of my stronger themes to achieve my goals in life. On the other hand, I also learnt that rather than trying to work hard to improve on my flaws, I should instead use my strong themes to mitigate against my weaknesses. Overall, the Strengths Coaching has been very fulfilling experience for me. I have a better idea of who I am and more importantly, I know how to play up on my Strengths to navigate towards my success in my daily life.”
– Dave Tan, Investor Relations




“Alex is a wonderful trainer who facilitated our training over 2 weekend. Through various experiential learning, he helped us see ourselves better and helped to work on our team dynamics.
During this time, where possible he would use incidents in the classroom and turn it into specific learning opportunities for the individual or the team, ,making this a truly unique learning experience for us.
Would highly recommend him again.”
– Bill Ang, MoolahSense

“My team mate has learner and intellection themes but he is low in Influencing strengths. Hence, in his own words, “Clueless about how people feel.” It helps me now to understand why he is always so eager and excited to share his knowledge and discovery on what he has read or learnt but oblivious to the fact that his sharing is causing some people to be lost in space. During this training, he was given the role of facilitator and I see him shine as a teacher. He was able to explain and help the team tremendously. And I applauded him. During the Love, Crazy, Envy segment our team was able to share honestly with one another and we made interesting discoveries of what we did that irked people and drove them crazy. The close relationship we have with one another enabled us to do so without offence. I have attended a number of personality profile trainings. I find this most enjoyable and relevant, easy to understand and readily applicable. The effectiveness of the training also depends on how people are grouped together as a team during the training. Those who are in a working relationship and rub shoulders with one another will be able to identify and confirm the strengths.”
– A.Lim (BBTC), BBTC Leaders Retreat 2015

“Alex is an engaging trainer who is approachable and helpful. He has carefully introduced the different talents so that we have a good grasp of who we can become. He also encouraged us to further our strengths through the activities. I feel I have learnt a lot about myself in the workshop and from it i have come to a conclusion to where I should be and which career I should pick.”
– Jocelin, Lecturer, BBTC Leaders Retreat 2015

“I find this strengthfinder is great set of tools to discover our innate qualities which helps us explain why we do the things in this or that way. Not only that, i got to know why my wife is what she is. Though responsible, she is a disciplinarian and speaks in context but strong relator and Arranger. However, while she has these strengths, she can exercise her power of choices over these too, depending on her beliefs!”
– BBTC Leader, BBTC Leaders Retreat 2015

“Learning to break out of my mind set on how I view things and people SF helped me to understand some of us, and the last bit on sharing with one another helped me to understand how I can work better with the rest in time to come.”
– Joy Ong

“I didn’t really think any of my strengths were valuable or that the test was even accurate in bringing out my strengths. But the session made me realize that everyone is different and that no particular strength is better than another. I’ve always felt inferior to people and felt like I have no talents/strengths or whatsoever, but the session really did help me to appreciate myself better. It also helped me to see that it really is my mindset that needs to be changed.”
– Shermaine


Strong Interest Inventory

Career Profiling

“Alex was sharp and succinct in his assessment of my situation. I came to Alex to seek some clarity and affirmation of my career direction but I walked away with much food for thought and a better understanding of my personality through his explanation of my top 5 Strengths. I found the assessment tools he chose insightful and appreciate his patience and positivity as well.”
Elly Tan, Project Coordination I Events Management I Communication

“I “stumbled” upon Alex in one of the famous Gallup Strengths Finder Coaches community and I must say he is one of the best Strengths Coach you can ever find. I could almost connect him very well instantly over a brief Facebook and Skype dialogue as he has a very warm and personal touch. Officially, I did STRONG Interest Inventory Coaching with him and I continue to be impressed with his detailed & structured coaching methods. Most importantly he is very patient and not a time watcher. I had a very enlightening coaching session. If you are LOST in your career direction and still seeking to find your self awareness, I highly recommend Alex as your coach. ”
– Tze Kiat Lim, Utilities Engineer at Roche Singapore

“Apart from his fun-loving character, Alex is demonstrates his professionalism when it comes to business. He has strong knowledge of the profiling test, allowing him to explain my detailed questions. I feel comfortable asking him questions after questions too, and it was not because I paid for my report but because of his positive attitude. His patience is commendable. He went all out to give me a satisfactory review, even when it was late that night. In conclusion, I would highly recommend him to others doing personality profiling test.”
– Gideon Ng, Aircraft Engineer


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